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About We Make Movies

We Make Movies boasts the first functional format for a member-funded, owned, and run film and television production studio in the country. Founded in 2009, We Make Movies (WMM) is a free Los Angeles-based community of over 4,000 independent filmmakers, writers, and actors dedicated to empowering creative professionals and providing the resources and connections to help them get their movies made.

The WMM community has directly funded 24 independent films, as well as its first independently produced half hour comedy pilot, OFF THE GRID, centered around three online junkies sentenced to an internet rehab center where there’s no internet and even less rehab. More than 100 shorts, 6 full-length features, and an official WMM Sketch Show have been produced after being developed through their workshops. A considerable amount of these films have accrued accolades in several film festivals around the world and have also found distribution on various VOD platforms.

WMM has also produced and distributed educational industry podcasts “How We Make Movies”, “FCPX tutorials”, “Film Geeks”, and “Film Central”, alongside hosting weekly workshops, a monthly screening series, showcases, and film challenges.

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